Thanks to Volux’ innovative technology, you can request a wide range of services useful for orthodontics: 

  • 2D and 3D cephalometry
  • Orthodontic 2D and 3D VTO
  • Surgical 2D VTO and 2D and 3D surgical-orthodontic VTO for Surgery First

The service of 2D cephalometry is proposed in lateral and frontal projection, completed by the elaboration of orthodontic and surgical vto. For cephalometric analysis in lateral projection it is possible to choose among all those proposed by the most important authors. The frontal cephalometric analysis is that of Ricketts, as well as the orthodontic vto. The surgical vto, instead, reflects Arnett’s indications. In order to perform the cephalometric analysis, it is obviously necessary the corresponding teleradiography. 

3D cephalometry represents an important qualitative leap in the description and measurement of anatomy of the dento-maxillofacial district. In contrast to the two-dimensional cephalometry in fact it does not present magnification and structure superimposition phenomena, thus allowing a real, three-dimensional evaluation of the various anatomical structures. For this reason its use is essential in all forms of asymmetry.

3D cephalometry is performed on a complete skull Cone Beam CT. You can choose among three different cephalometric analyses: Ricketts, Mc Namara, and the analysis used by the Bologna School for orthgnatic surgery.

It is possible to request the following types of 3D cephalometry:

  • 3D cephalometry with modified Rckett’s analysis 
  • 3D cephalometry with modified Mc Namara’s analysis 
  • 3D cephalometry with Bologna School’s analysis

The virtual set-up is an exceptional three-dimensional therapeutic programming tool. It makes it possible to accurately plan orthodontic treatments, maxillofacial surgery and multidisciplinary occlusal rehabilitation, even with dental implants. 

In orthodontics it is also used for the production of transparent aligners and for the customisation of stationary braces.

Before processing the actual set-up, the analysis of digital models is carried out in order to have all the information regarding patient’s dental arches: their shape, crowding, Bolton index, Spee’s curve, Wilson’s curve, overbite, overjet, torque and individual teeth’s angulation.

Volux proposes three different types of virtual set-up:

Dental virtual set-up: it concerns only crowns of teeth. Digital imprints are required.

3D orthodontic VTO: it requires Cone Beam CT, fingerprints and virtual patient creation and concerns both crowns and roots of the teeth. It also shows the relationship between the latter, their own alveolar process and their skeletal base.

3D surgical VTO: it requires Cone Beam CT, fingerprints and virtual patient creation. It concerns both teeth (complete of roots) and skeletal bases.

Being a service that includes the booking of more than one service, to request it, it is necessary to contact Volux’ secretary at 0541/624571.

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